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The « Instant Lifting » Treatment stimulation


With age, we tend to use our muscles less frequently, causing the skin to lose its tone and contours to slacken.

Hydradermie Lift lifts the facial features by stimulating the facial muscles. In just a few minutes, the face appears younger and visibly lifted.


After the first treatment, you will see the visible results of lifted facial features. The skin has regained its tone and surface wrinkles have faded. This method is like "body building" for the face.


- In-depth biological cleansing:
Allows the skin to breathe and be more receptive to beauty products.

- Anti-ageing Drainage
Releases tension and improves microcirculation in the skin.

- Facial Muscle Stimulation
Improves tone and naturally lifts the features by the end of the treatment.
- Relaxing Massage
Stimulates, firms and tones the skin.
The face appears more youthful. The skin is firmer.

The features are lifted.


All types, Normal skin, Tired skin

Micro-current technology has changed the approach to maintaining youthful skin, with roots in medicine the spa treatment room is now able to provide this technology to promote cellular                   function, in particular the production of ATP which is energy that powers the cell and improves nutrition to to the skins surface. In addition,  exercising the muscle fibres to restore their original configuration to create an overall more youthful and more radiant complexion, and increased collagen production.


Recommended as an initial series of six treatments over six consecutive weeks, then bi-weekly as an integral part of Your Youth Recovery Program

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