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Trigger Point Therapy

30 min - $65 | 60 min - $105 | 90 min -$145

  • 1 h

Service Description

Trigger point therapy is a neuromuscular therapy designed to speed up recovery from injury, correct muscular imbalances and relieve pain. A trigger point is a sore point in a muscle when you push on it or what most people would call a knot. Your Therapist will stretch the muscle and then apply pressure to areas of muscle tightness or ‘knots’. This helps to relive muscle tension and promote healing. Inflammation occurs when a muscle is injured. The body recognizes this and this causes pain which makes you protect the muscle to prevent further damage. The pressure of trigger point therapy ‘reprograms’ the neuromuscular system so that pain decreases. This encourages the muscles to return to their normal state. This promotes healing as the inflammation decreases and the individual experiences reduced pain and tightness.

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